Why Rayne Storm?

Rayne Storm

Why Rayne Storm?

Our company Rayne Storm specializes in satin lined products to protect your hair. What’s better than being beautiful and feeling beautiful even if you’re just lounging around or heading to bed? Be the Queen that you are and protect your hair!

All of our satin is Charmeuse Satin. Charmeuse Satin is made with a better woven technique (which makes it better than normal satin) and it provides the same benefits as silk. Thus it helps maintain the moisture in your hair and prevents snags. It allows for you to wake up and manipulate your hair so much easier than if you slept without it. Ever heard of bed head? It’s not cute waking up with it – especially now since you don’t have to!

Ever purchased a “satin bonnet” or scarf from the stores? It’s not really satin – it’s a silky print material or straight polyester which isn’t protecting your tresses. I big chopped my hair in 2016 and I was inspired to start this line of products because I was tired of getting the bonnets that were way too tight, way too small, or they'd slide off during the night. They were made with seams on the inside that snagged my hair and they didn’t retain moisture. I can't tell you how much money I've wasted on those even when I had the good ole' creamy crack relaxer in my hair :)

If you have special requests or would like to ask a question, please feel free to use the contact button and I’ll respond as soon as I receive the notification.

I hope you have a wonderful day!