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Rayne Storm

Our company name Rayne Storm is comprised of my granddaughters name Rayne (who will debut in October 2017- she’s still cooking in the oven) and Storm which is my daughters middle name (given to her by her brother when he was 6 years old). Yes, it absolutely came from him watching X-Men, so be careful what you let your kids watch. (LOL)

Our “Rayne Storm” bonnet is our line of satin lined shower caps (more patterns will be added shortly). We also specialize in beautiful satin lined bonnets, scrunchies and pillowcases. The pillowcases and scrunchies will be available soon also, so be sure to stay tuned. All of the bonnets are oversized, however there is an option for an XL oversized bonnet which is an oversized bonnet on steroids. I have a goal to one day fit it :) It all starts with a dream...right?? LOL

I've always loved to make things, and be creative. I love what I do and I know that you will enjoy your product as much as I have enjoyed making it for you.

~ Antonia